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We're LoveOliver!

At just a few days old, Andy and Jennifer's first son, Oliver, was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer - a Malignant Rhabdoid Tumour. Despite continuing to thrive and smile his way through intensive chemotherapy, he passed away peacefully at home on Christmas Day 2010, aged just 24 weeks old.


In 2011, Andy and Jennifer Gill started LoveOliver...


A country in which every family with a child diagnosed with cancer knows there is hope of a cure and that they will have appropriate financial support on their cancer journey.



LoveOliver is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and their families in Scotland diagnosed with cancer through provision of appropriate financial and practical support, and the development of new treatments through research.



LoveOliver is committed to raising awareness of childhood cancer and its impact on families, to encourage volunteering and fundraising to be able to help them, and to bring about a brighter future for childhood cancer treatment and prognosis.

Research and Support

LoveOliver funds research into childhood cancer and provides practical support to families in Scotland affected by it, in memory of baby Oliver Gill.


Since starting in 2011 LoveOliver has funded two four year PhD studentships at Newcastle University. As of 1st July 2021, LoveOliver is funding a full time Technician post at Newcastle University. LoveOliver has also committed £100 000 to funding a three year research project in collaboration with the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust.

LoveOliver provides invaluable practical support to every family in Scotland with a child diagnosed with cancer. LoveOliver works closely with the Young Live vs Cancer Social workers to provide supermarket vouchers and financial grants for all families, healthy frozen meals for parents of children going through long inpatient stays and quality digital thermometers for each family facing childhood cancer. 

LoveOliver also donates patterned Ng tube tapes, Just Eat vouchers, games, books, toys, crafts and therapy supplies, when requested, to Scotland's children's oncology wards.

LoveOliver runs a drop-in hub, exclusively for oncology families at The Howat Hub, just a short walk from the new Edinburgh children's hospital, and runs a large children's charity shop in The Kingdom Shopping Centre in Glenrothes, Fife. 




Our Awards


We're proud to have received the following awards:


Kingdom FM Local Hero Awards

Fundraiser of the Year, 2012


The Sunday Post Broons Awards

Inspirational Family, 2016


Edinburgh Evening News

Fundraiser of the Year, 2016


Point of Light Award from the Prime Minister 

18th October 2016

Fife Voluntary Action

Inspirational Volunteer Award 2017


Kingdom FM Local Hero Awards

Fundraiser of the Year, 2017

Charity Champions

Children's Charity of the Year, 2017

British Citizen Award for Services to Volunteering awarded to Jennifer Gill in January 2018

Daily Record Scotland's Champions Awards

Making a Difference, September 2021

The Team

The LoveOliver trustees are  Dr Mark Brougham, Sarah Carter, Andy Gill, Professor Margaret Gill, Jennifer Lucas LLB DPLP, Kate MacDonald and Gregor MacKenzie. 

Our employees are - 

Jennifer Gill - F/T charity and shop manager

Trisha Johnstone - P/T charity assistant manager

Christine Donnachie - P/T drop-in cafe co-ordinator

Anne McLean - P/T shop assistant manager

Amy Giles - P/T shop supervisor

LoveOliver also has a large team of amazing volunteers and supporters!

Andy and Jennifer, along with one of the LoveOliver trustees and many supporters have been parents to children with cancer - together they have great insight into what helps and how LoveOliver's funds will be best spent. Money is always spent wisely and thoughtfully. 

Making a Difference


Heather Wilson, Edinburgh Clic Sargent Social Worker, has given a glimpse into the help we provide: 


"Today again I got to see the difference that LoveOliver makes to children with cancer and their families...I got to deliver a gift bag and see it bring a smile to faces, brightening up those difficult days when treatment feels tough and long...I saw how a supermarket voucher is appreciated by parents as they worry about how they will cope with the additional costs that accompany a cancer diagnosis...and I saw the relief that a grant can bring - a cheque given for a specific need, that helps alleviate some of the financial pressure parents can face as they try to support their child through the most difficult of times. 


I'm in a privileged position to see the difference your support makes..and I love that we get to work in partnership with you! Thank you LoveOliver, and LoveOliver supporters, for all that you do. For many families their child's cancer journey would be even more difficult without your support!….And I not only love what you do...I love how you make partnership working so easy..when we approach LoveOliver requesting support for a family you respond quickly, generously, sensitively, flexibly...and so the list could go on.


I love that you choose to work so closely with us even when it means we sometimes get to see more of how your help lights up faces and is appreciated more than you do! LoveOliver, you're an amazing team!”

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