Childhood Cancer Research and Practical Support for Families 

Every day in the UK 11 children & young people are diagnosed with Cancer

Often involving long hospital stays far from home and support networks, this devastating diagnosis comes with many pressures, on top of having your child face many months of gruelling treatment.

Based on our personal experiences, and the work and achievements of LoveOliver to date, we work tirelessly to relieve these pressures as much as possible, in order to allow parents have the time, energy and strength they need to focus on what matters most - their very ill child.

The above figure isn't going to improve without research. Therefore, we are committed to funding research into childhood cancers - to help find causes, gentler treatments, and ultimately - cures. 

Since LoveOliver began in January 2011, 

£813,302 has been raised through many generous donations and lots of fundraising. 

We need YOUR help in making the work of LoveOliver possible, and there are lots of different ways you can get involved.



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