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September Newsletter

Dear Supporters

There has been so much happening this year which we would like to update you about, but given the special event we have coming up in just 8 weeks time, this newsletter is solely focused on our childhood cancer research funding. Here is an update about our second PhD student at Newcastle University from her supervisor, Dr Dan Williamson.

"Emma continues to make good progress in her PhD studies. She has now designed and begun testing the new CRISPR technologies which were the crux of her project. She has reached a point where her data analysis of Rhabdoid tumour cells is complete (although there is always a temptation to tweak it just that little more) and she has a good idea of which therapeutic targets she is likely to direct her efforts towards in the later parts of her project. Armed now with these new CRISPR technologies and a good roadmap as to how to deploy them, the next phase of her project is very exciting as it is where the real novel data and fresh insights will be generated. We have produced a small visual map showing Emma hard at work growing Rhabdoid tumour cells and giving a peak of some of the types of analysis that she produces.”

Every day in the UK, through no fault of their own, 11 families are given a childhood cancer diagnosis. 9 years ago today we became one of those families when we were told that our precious 13 day old Oliver had a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. Since that day, another 1350 children and young people in Scotland alone have been told they have cancer, and over 36 000 in the UK. It is a devastating diagnosis that changes everything.

We are passionate about funding vital research into childhood cancer and are one of the few charities which does. We must help to find gentler treatments and ultimately, cures. Children going through gruelling treatment and often being left with long term effects such as infertility, stunted growth, heart problems or without limbs, sight, hearing or organs is far from acceptable. Families being left without their children is most definitely not acceptable either.

Research Fundraising Dinner

On 2nd November we are hosting a special Research Fundraising Dinner at BT Murrayfield. We are looking forward to hearing from Emma and her supervisor Dr Dan Williamson. Please consider joining us for this very important event. Please spread the word to family, friends and colleagues - perhaps you could book a table for 10?

We would love to hear from you asap to reserve your spaces. Friday 11th October is the closing date.

Also, if your business or workplace would be interested in providing any sponsorship or prizes for the event it would be great to hear from you.

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